Monday, 13 July 2009

I got buzzed in the butt !!

Hey ladies and gents,....
wow i feel like I havent been here for ages !!!!

Firstly I have to tell you that i got buzzed by a wasp this morning - right in the bum !

It was agony. There I was 05.30am, just rolling over to continue my snooze for another while before having to get up for work, when I felt this almighty pain rip right through my butt. I jumped out the bed without even thinking, and there it was walking down my duvet, a frickin wasp - the swine just stung my butt (well, the crease at your butt and the top of your leg - which of course made it sorer the rest of today).....Grrrrrrr

Nothing much else to report for now. Still working. Still saving for the wedding. Working in my uncles pub too which is great fun.

Ohh oh oh, I got a wee letter from the clinic just confirming us as being on the waiting list there....I will hear from them soon for our first appointment !! Woo Hoo..

You may remember it was my friends wedding 7 weeks ago, she had told me she was going to try and fall pregnant right after her wedding...........well she is now 6 weeks !! Now thats impressive. Im so happy for her, but Jeez-oh, what a way to rub it in - lol..!