Saturday, 23 May 2009

A milestone passed !!

We attended the wedding of 2 of our great friends yesterday !!
My other half was the best man, he done a fabulous job, I was so proud of him !
Over a year ago the couple announced they were to be married, initially abroad, and we hesitated on going with them because ........... we planned on being pregnant - ha !!
Ignorance is Bliss !
Here we are over a year later, the wedding passed and no baby or even hint of a pregnancy to speak of - ahhh the best laid plans.
Anyway we survived it without thinking about it - well i did a wee bit, but just a wee bit.
It was the first event I had imagined myself attending with a massive bump - or a tiny little bubba. Anyways thats by the by.

We had an amazing day. It had rained constantly all week. The weather was glorious all day - such a blessing.
The bride was just stunning ! and the groom was dashing ! very lovely couple.
The day went past so fast though its scared me for my own wedding in 10 months. I want to start the day as early as possible now so it lasts that wee bit longer.

Off to enjoy yht rest of my weekend off.
Congratulations S & L. xx

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Uneventful !

The above picture is showing just how well my diet is going ^^^^.....more about that later.

Things have been pretty uneventful since my last post. I have a feeling its going to be like this for at least the next 11 months !

I get married next April and am due to start IVF next April/May. So up until then I imagine it to be a lot of planning and organising and saving and freaking and losing weight and freaking even more, then chilling on a gorgeous honeymoon before the impending treatment begins.

So I didnt have to go see Mr Gyn guy. I emailed him and he got back right away - im impressed. He doesnt have to see me at all, it was just a wee mistake. Phew. He ended his email with 'i dont have to see you again, but if I can help with anything please keep in touch', now Im even more impressed. He is a busy man with a funny sense of humour that not many people like or get, but he is kind, and I like that !

Its lovely here this sunny Sunday. OH is working and 'apparently' im tidying actual fact ive tidied a room, half tidied another, put a washing in then popped on the computer for a wee 5 mins to catch up with the cyber world. That was an hour ago.

Totally hoping to see an amazing post from Caz, Praying that Murgdan gets her positive Beta this week, I want Angry Infertile to be given a break and for all this to work out for her, and I want to hear from The Worms regular cos I just loved her posts but understand why she isnt about as much - ((hugs)). Each person there is going through some kind of turmoil right now, in their own way. Im no where near their state of mind right now, Im a whole year away from treatment starting and now that im over the shock of the diagnosis, im doing pretty damn good !!

Weight Loss isnt going as well as planned - in fact its just not going.

Im too sweet toothed, I am addicted to potato scones on a roll for brekkie, I need to get back on the weetabix. I love my new swivel chair so much I dont want to get my 2 stone overweight ass out of it to go to the gym and deal with the fatness. I must do better.

In wedding news. I ordered my dress last Saturday. I took my friends with me before we went to the Girls Aloud Concert. One of them cried. Apparently that means its the dress for me. My wee sister cried the week before too when I tried it on. Ive booked almost everything else, and am going to see the entertainment band tonight. I love being organised and being in control. I think Im going to be hellish when going through IVF. I will hate doctors being in control and me not. So in the next 11 months, learn to love me and get used to my ways, in the hope you will understand when im a total wreck next year ! Ha.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

A normal everyday post !!

I have nothing new to report on the IVF front, except the IF consultant has asked to see us again - God knows why as we had our last appt with him a few weeks ago. I think its a mistake, but anyway, he will answer my email soon !!.

Anyways in other news, apart from saving for the wedding, we are also managing to get stuff done to our house, its very slowly but surely taking shape. So a few wee photos to prove I do exist....and live in a house !!!

This is my new couch, I ordered it in 2 different colours, was bricking it incase it would be horrendous and to some of you it still may be - but I love it, I love to be funky and a bit different and love interior design stuff......excuse the fact I have no curtains up yet !!
And again...

This is a wee bustier lady I loved so much I had to have her....I designed and made the canvas behind her, and added some gold roses to the bow round her waist .......Love it. She has pride of place in my hallway !!

I just loved this wine glass shaped vase !!, I jazzed it up a bit and just love it on my window sill !!Ill post another area of the house tomorrow !!

Keeps things a bit interesting - well for me anyway :)...xx

Friday, 1 May 2009

My Other Life !!

I have decided I have 2 lives !!...
Life number 1 is - up until now - pre occupied with infertility and IVF/ICSI.
Life number 2 is all about the wedding and the honeymoon. And boy oh boy does it make me smile !!
Wedding is decided and is April 9th 2010, honeymoon is being booked on Sunday and we are going 5 Star, Platinum/Luxury All Inclusive to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. I kid you not, this place is simply heaven, it looks stunning.
The planning of this is taking my mind (almost) off the IVF/ICSI that should take place immediaely post honeymoon.
So for those 2 reasons im wishing this year away.

In other news, Im a nurse in the hospital in Scotland that is currently 'housing' the swine flu victims - thank you C for your concern, I assure you i will be fine (famous last words- lol).
I hope it settles down and doesnt turn into the 'pandemic' they think it is going to.

Anyways, Im going wedding dress shopping tomorrow and then on Sunday I get to book the fantabulous honeymoon !!! Arrrggghhhhhhhhhh - so frikin excited ! xx xx