Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Back to myself !

Ive been miserable the last few days, downtrodden, gutted and a real misery guts !!
But today im getting back to normal.
Im thinking more weddingy stuff and less baby stuff !!

Im so excited about the wedding, im excited to be married, im excited to get loads of new and lovely photos of family, im excited to dance the night away with all my friends and family and im excited to get on a plane and piss off for 2 whole weeks with my beloved HUSBAND !! aaaahhhhhhh

Oh Oh Oh I also got into the Sock it to Me thingy right here on blogger - I love socks !!
For anyone who reads this and doesnt know its where bloggers are allocated a fellow blogger to send socks to, socks that will be worn to provide comfort and just let you know someone is thinking about you. I will wear mine to appointments and while my legs are in the stirrups !! wooopityyyy !!

Im half a pound away from losing my first stone !! Im doing well - or at least I was until AF showed up.....she wants me to have chocolate and far she is winning !!. xx

Monday, 25 January 2010

Consent - Done......Bloods - Done ......Me - Done !!

I cant explain this feeling ........I feel deflated ....totally deflated !

We had our appointment today at GRI ... (ICSI Clinic). It went well. We both got our bloods done - HIV, Hep B, Hep C and i got my hormone levels checked. As a nurse i am a teeny bit worried i may have 'picked something up' in the hospital. I havent ever given it much thought until im being tested, but lately we have had a stream if IVDA's, and most lately Anthrax patients due to drug abuse. Its a stark reminder of what we deal with !!
We signed our Consents and are good to go pending our results which we go back for in 2 weeks.

We asked today about df's sperm test results from last time we were there as we had never been given that information - <1million/ml with only occasional motile sperm seen. This doesnt sound good, it doesnt sound good at all. Now we knew this, hence the reason we are on the ICSI pathway but up until now we hadnt been told about the motility part. I now worry that this will be a big dampener on the success of our ICSI.
Will it put us at a disadvantage ?
How many is occasional ??
What if i get 8 eggs but they only get 3 or 4 sperm ??

Golly, its caused me a bit of a headache today !!.....and now im worrying.

I dont have time to worry, I have a wedding in 9 weeks - MY wedding, MY honeymoon and im leaving this to deal with when i get home. They will offer me to start during next months cycle but im going to hang fire till i get home from honeymoon !!
The internal examination and high vag swabs have left me a tad achy and irritable tonight !! tut.

oh and while im ranting why wont blogger let me reply on other peoples blogs ?? xx xx