Saturday, 29 May 2010

Birds in the loft and a Rosy Graden !

Written 29th May 2010.

Day 3 of Stimming today, well it will be when i give my injection at 18.30 tonight !! My last 2 have passed without any problems !!
It took me a long time to decide when to inject myself - do i do it first thing in the morning ? oh but what if i sleep late. Okay ill do it in the afternoon right at lunchtime - oh no wait, that would mean taking my drugs and having to inject in work....does that look as though im drawing attention to myself ?? Hmmm, okay ill do it before bed - oh dear God noooooo i cant stay up past Eastenders these days !!.....okay so dinner time it is. Who knew decision making could be so complex - is it the drugs ??
And whislt on the subject of tiredeness.......i was in the blissfull happy sleep this morning when i was so very rudely awoken (is that even a word - awoken ?) by the sound of the 'few week old hatched birds' in my loft....Jeeeez they are loud. I did have a few thoughts on how best to get rid of them, none of them very humane, however they must have tottered off on a flying lesson right now as its gone quiet !!
So all going well so far, apart from the short fuse, the tiredenss and the bruised belly, all is rosy in this garden !! :)
Mwah xx xx

We've only just begunnnn (how many of you are singing the carpenters to that line.

Written 28th May 2010.

We are currently undergoing our first cycle of ICSI for Male Factor Infertility. My new husband had undescended testes as a baby and the stoopid ass doctors decided to wait until he was 5 before they operated on him, and when they did, they stitched his little chooks down causing trauma. We now have a very low sperm count and hence the need for ICSI. So now you know. Im a brand new 30 year old...and hubby will be 29 this year.
Our treatment started on May 9th 2010 and i am currently successfully down regged and 1 day into the Stimming process - how fun. Down Regging for me was okay, i was very tired and a bit headachy, had some flushes and a severe dry mouth....nearer the end of the down regging i felt like i had a short fuse much to my families amusement, im the chilled out one in the family, but the overwhelming urge to ram people with my trolley in asda or bounce a 4 pack of andrex quilted of their noggins when they just stand and chat in the middle of the aisles was almost unbearable.
I gave myself my first injection yesterday, ..... im a nurse so that part should have been easy. Its kinda different when your jagging yourself....i lost count of the times i went...1-2-3- go...and then didnt. 10 minutes i sat doing this until i finally decided the drug was going to be out of date and of no use to me if i didnt just get my ass in gear.
So its the holiday weekend and hubby is off to Magaluf till Wednesday for his friends Stag Party and i get to chill here and relax and inject myself daily, and not drink, and probably not sleep and cook for 1 (oh how i hate cooking for one) and tak my vitamins - jealous ? me? Never !!
So thats my Journal started. Lets see if i can keep it updated !. xx

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Somethings happening !

I took a break from here for a number of reasons.
1. I didnt really have any new and interesting news.
2. For some stupid reason i cant comment on everyones blogs, i think ive done something to my settings and i cant fix it ! Fuk !!
3. I have a new facebook addiction and seem to be spending lots of time cyber surfing in that direction !

Anyways..... In the time ive been away we got married, we had our honeymoon and the swines through me a surprise 30th birthday party !! ...........and...............we have started our ICSI treatment.
Im currently on Day 15 of Down Regging and have my baseline scan on Thursday of this week. Im praying I can start Stimms then. Theatre is booked provisionally for the week of the 7th of June.
Down Regging isnt much fun but could have been worse. I have had headaches, some flushes and some sweats through the night. None of this helped by the fact i got a bot of the cold right after the injection. Tut.

I promise to update more regularly !!
xx xx xx xx