Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Im sitting here tonight, so so contented,
- it may be the darker, cosier nights coming in.
- it may be that my friends are getting excited about my wedding (mainly Leigh, who I spent a while with on the phone to tonight)
- im chilling in my living room with other half and super cute kitty (tinkerbell) , watching 'Cocktail' with a Twix chilling in the fridge waiting on me devouring it with a cup of Tea.
- it may be the other half is so so grateful to me for putting together a spicy pasta bake and garlic bread (it did turn out fab and im proud of it).
- it may be that Carolyne is having very promising symptoms this month and I sooo hope this is her turn.
- it may be that 'Murgdan' was lucky 4, it has restored my faith, i may well be number 4, the other 3 have been lucky and im next in line.

It may be a lot of things.

A year ago now, I was getting blood tests for progesterone levels, i was naive in thinking that we would fall pregnant as soon as we made an appointment with the doctor, after all it happened to so many other we know. In a month from now, we would be given the news from the Dr that we would never conceive naturally, or that it would be very unlikely.

A year ago now 'Contended' would not have been a word I would have thought I would ever be able to use again.
But I am - I really am.
Its a hard road, but others on blogosphere have reminded me it CAN happen, it WILL happen, and for that im grateful and contented.