Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Final Appt before treatment - Done !!

Today we had our final appt before treatment starts. We had results of bloods and a treatment plan.
HIV, Hep B, Hep C - all clear on both sides.
I had my AMH tested (we are male factor so i havent really had a great deal of tests done - i was shitting myself) .....my AMH is through the roof at 53.5 !!!!!! The normal is 5-15. Now this can be an indicator of PCOS but my ultrasound scan ruled that out. The Dr did say that if i was overweight I would maybe have problem periods, but I dont really. The Dr also said my Ovarian Reserve is excellent and the high AMH is mainly due to my young age (29). There is a high chance I will respond well to stimulation, but could over stimulate, so ill be on a lower dose treatment. I have a higher chance of getting a good amount of eggs and an equally higher chance of developing OHSS !! Talk about a flip side !!

Im happy, its not bad news (I dont think). If anyone reading this knows about AMH levels please inform me good or bad about what you think of my level !!

They want us to start in 2 weeks time which is my next period, but we get married in 8 weeks so im going to hang fire until after that time !!

Excited !!!! xx xx