Sunday, 21 June 2009

and then there were 3 !!!!

This is the new addition to the family.
It is the cutest wee button and we dont get her till the end of the week.
Any advice anyone can give me on kittens will be appreciated !
Im so excited. xx xx
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Thursday, 18 June 2009

IVF should be banned !!!!

Can you believe I heard these very words today ....... from the mouth of a consultant anaesthetist. !!!!!!
There I was standing in theatre with a junior anaesthetist chatting about where her next post was going to be, which just happens to be where my treatment will take place next year. She was chatting away about the workload there due to having to also cover the Assisted Conception Unit. Just at that Mr Dick-for-a-Brain makes the statement 'IVF should be banned', he continued on (oh yes there is more).....You shouldnt mess with mother nature, if you cant fall pregnant naturally then she is trying to tell you something...your not meant to be a mother !!!!! he continued......most of these kids are born with problems and the labours are terrible !!!

I could not believe it ...I was stunned into silence....I walked away, and then the tears came, big massive tears falling down my cheeks, due to shock and rage. How dare he say that. He has 3 kids of which he has obviously had no problem conceiving. His facts are also terribly inaccurate.
I refrained from poking him with large bore cannula's for the rest of the morning. What an ass !!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My Clinic is for Real !!

Yes it is !!
Glasgow Infirmary Assisted Conception Unit exists !!
I had a call yesterday, well in fact I had to call them about changes to my details ...... and they confirmed that my treatment will begin in May next year !! Im so frickin excited !
I know its still a long way off.........but.........I have a wedding and a honeymoon happening before that, and a week or 2 after we come back we start the IVF journey..

Aaaaaaarrgghhhhhhhh, our little path is bein laid !! Super excited !.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Would you believe it !!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so my uncles have bought a pub and have asked a few of the family to work in it, Its totally family run and I think its going to be great for bringing us all closer together.

However ................ Im going to have to deal with situations like this................

A girl I know approached the bar last night, I had served her a few times previous but it was really busy last night and I didnt have time to chat. She asked me if we had a drink that she liked but we hadnt yet bought in, so she asked me to reccomend something. I love Stiffys and Lemonade, I know its supposed to be a shot but its lovely as a long drink, I offered her this and told her it was nice and refreshing.....'Just what im looking for' she said. Its what came next that stunned me .......she said......'Ever since ive been pregnant I just cant tolerate my drink !!!!!!! 'everything is coming back on me'.........Holy Fuck. She then took a step back so I could see her from behind the bar and sure as God is my witness, there it was.. an 8 month pregnant belly. '4 weeks to go she says, not long till i get back to drinking my normal, this (the drink I just bloody reccomended) will do for now'. !!

I was shocked and stunned, she had been in and drinking for hours, but it was so busy I never noticed a pregnant tummy in the room. I dont think I actually said a word..Im still in shock.

Why??.... So selfish.



Thursday, 4 June 2009

Just for the sake of it !

Im posting tonight ...... just for the hell of it.
I have nothing new to report in the stinky world of Infertility!
Work is still the same, busy busy and the threat of swine flu is imminent. In fact im being fitted for my mask in the morning.
Life is great, my darling other half is just fantastic as usual, and family are all great. Talking to everyone very regular, brothers and sisters, and that keeps me happy!

My uncles have opened a pub in the local area and have asked a few of us to work in it. So as well as my nursing duties Im going to work a few wee shifts in the pub too. I can get a wee dance to the music and chat to the locals and it will be just like socialising ! Ha.
It will also help with the wedding fund.

My band man is booked for the wedding, the diet for THE dress hasnt really got under way. I had the cold for over a week and half and couldnt get anywhere near the running club I wanted to join - grr im so crap.
As for tonight, The utter trash that is Big Brother starts tonight - and i LOVE it, !!
Its my time of night where I can sit down and dont need to concentrate, its my chilling time.
So im off for a shower now and a wee body butter session followed by fake tan and some nail painting - just gilry time in general !! Im excited !!
TTFN xx xx xx