Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Half way through !!

Well the first week of my 2ww has flown in, considering most of it was spent in hospital !!
Im not sure what im feeling in the way of symptoms or whats the settling from the ohss,
Either way, im crampy low down in my tummy and through to my back, to the point i could easily be convinced my period is coming today !! I am absolutely roasting, sweating and clammy at the slightest bit of exertion and i usually get that right before my period and throughout it. I am starving !!!!! I literally started making a pasta bake from scratch at 11am....and ate it as soon as it was ready at 12 !! All i had in my head whilst lying down after inserting my pessary at 10am was steak pie !!! im hungry. Probably due to the poor food in hospital !!
I dont want to be symptom spotting, but given the events of the last few days i dont feel so confident about a good outcome, i was so sore and swollen everything in there must have got squished !! Any wee symptoms give me hope that something could be happening in there. All down the sides of my boobs are sore !!!! I know thats the progesterone though !!
Ohhhhhh this time next week my blood test will have been done !!!!! xx xx

Admitted to hospital for 4 days !

I got home from hospital today and still feel just lousy !!
I was diagnosed with OHSS and a bladder infection.
I know many people say OHSS is a good indicator of a bfp, but this is usually associated with late onset OHSS, usually when the embryos are implanting (please correct me if im wrong), mine was early onset and started probably before EC and got worse right after it and worse again after ET.
So today im 5dp2dt. Ive had some niggles/nippy feelings down below on and off and a it crampy as well as the OHSS discomfort. I am so nauseated im home with cyclizine tablets .... obviously im putting this all down to the OHSS and infection and not symptom spotting.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Embryo Transfer :)

Hey Ladies well im just back home.....Im smiling from ear to ear as i have just had 2 Grade 1 Embryos transferred.
So now im in the state of PUPO !!! WooHooooooo !! (pregnant until proved otherwise)
I know i still have a long way to go and this 2ww is gonna be horrendous but if this doesnt work its purely bad luck since we have 2 beautiful embryos.

Send all the sticky dust in the world this way !!!!! xx xx

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fertilisation Report !

We had 8 eggs collected yesterday,
of those 8 eggs, 6 were good enough to ICSI...
and 3 have fertilised this morning !
We have our 2 to put back tomorrow afternoon.

Doesnt look like we will get any frosties, but im relieved with that result and excited to have 2 wee embies on board !!

Fingers crossed and sticky dust for me and everyone else at this stage !! xx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Egg Collection

H ladies, thaks so much for ur well wishes....
Im not even going to lie, i was and still am in agony ..... my left ovary was tucked behing my uterus and caused a lot of problems and required a lot of digging. I got 8 eggs in total which im really pleased about and am keeping everything crossed they are all doing well tonight !!
I have had morphine and all sorts of painkillers today, the shoulder tip pain is horrendous and i cant straighten up at all.....the hospital admitted me and wanted me to stay overnight but i would just rather recover at home !
EC itself was fab, i was sedated and dont remember a single thing .. just remember being woken and told i had 8 eggs.
Have to phone tomorrow morning at 09.45 to see how many have fertilised
Im nervous !!
xx xx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Triggering at 9pm !

Well as the title says im triggering in half an hour !!! WooHooooo
I took my final sniff at 6pm and my final injection at 6.30 pm, and im triggering at 9pm !! eeeeeek !!
Im also going to have a protein shake as the nurse told me to have a high protein diet over the weekend. Im not doing the hot water bottle thing this time round as i have so many follies i dont want to encourage any more lol.
As of 9pm ill be drug free !! xx xx

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Follicle Scan Done and Egg Collection Booked !!

What a day ive had !! Im excited and need to keep everything crossed.
Had bloods and scan done at the clinic this morning and all is looking well. I have 9 large follicles on the right ovary with 5 smaller ones and 8 large ones on the left ovary with 4 smaller ones. so 26 all in.
The clinic called this afternoon with my hormone result which is 5310. I have no clue what this means (anyone?) but she said it was really good. I have to take my trigger shot on Sunday at 9PM and Ec is booked for Tuesday morning. They have warned me that if more than 20 eggs are collected they will fertilise them and freeze them and then mak me wait 6 weeks before egg transfer due to the high risk of OHSS. i know how lucky i am to have responded well and i know it doesnt necessarily mean geat quality eggs so i feel bad for hoping there is less than 20 eggs collected..
Im so excited today. xx xx