Monday, 5 July 2010

Does the worry go away ??

Im 5 + 6 weeks pregnant. I have 2 embies on board and my scan isnt until 8 weeks pregnant.
Everywhere i read im reading about miscarriage and no heartbeat by the time ladies get to their scans, it just seems to be everywhere. I joined the february birthboard on a baby website and almost every single post was bad news, my heart goes out to these poor ladies, but im really in no frame of mind to keep reading about it all and ended up removing myself from my birth club. My symptoms are still present, i have sore achy boobs, im tired and sleeping for hours in the afternoons, and the usual crampy pains that everyone talks about early pregnancy. I cant touch sweet stuff, its turning my stomach and i can smell things from miles away haha.
Im still swollen from OHSS and moving about is slow and i think its maybe getting me down a bit. Im desperate to just be full of excitement, and while im excited and grateful i remember that im still early and get filled with nerves.
Is this normal do you think ?? Given what we all have to go through im thinking it probably is, and having to wait 4 weeks from my positive test to have a scan its bound to heighten the nerves.
When does the worry stop ??
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Carolyne said...

D'ya know mate I'd love to say the answer is yes but alas, worrying is what we women TTC do best.
The only thing I can suggest is to keep away from the birthboards for now (is is BC?) and try to find something that may distract you. Easier said than done believe me but it's all that can be done to stop yourself going potty.
Counting the days to your scan and I've every confidence that those embies are laced with so much stickyness they're going nowhere! xxxxx

Rebecca said...

I can't tell you how many times (after our first positive pregnancy test) I tried to pee on a stick. Husband thought I was nuts, but I just wanted to make sure it was "sticking." Hang in there...I'm glad you took yourself off that don't need to worry more than you already are.

LuckyOnce said...

I can't help too much with the question of worry. I'll be worried until the day I deliver, and then worry in a different way after that! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes perfectly at your scan, and that the time passes quickly for you.

womb for improvement said...

Gosh I'm a little lste to this news. But brilliant on the pregnancy - I can imagine how worrying it must be - especially after the OHSS.

Best of luck with the scan, when you get there.