Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Half way through !!

Well the first week of my 2ww has flown in, considering most of it was spent in hospital !!
Im not sure what im feeling in the way of symptoms or whats the settling from the ohss,
Either way, im crampy low down in my tummy and through to my back, to the point i could easily be convinced my period is coming today !! I am absolutely roasting, sweating and clammy at the slightest bit of exertion and i usually get that right before my period and throughout it. I am starving !!!!! I literally started making a pasta bake from scratch at 11am....and ate it as soon as it was ready at 12 !! All i had in my head whilst lying down after inserting my pessary at 10am was steak pie !!! im hungry. Probably due to the poor food in hospital !!
I dont want to be symptom spotting, but given the events of the last few days i dont feel so confident about a good outcome, i was so sore and swollen everything in there must have got squished !! Any wee symptoms give me hope that something could be happening in there. All down the sides of my boobs are sore !!!! I know thats the progesterone though !!
Ohhhhhh this time next week my blood test will have been done !!!!! xx xx


Carolyne said...

I'm so glad you're out of that place mate. Hospital food sucks.

Get better soon and in the mean time I have EVERYTHING crossed that you'll get that 2nd line xx

womb for improvement said...

Terrible that you had to go to hospital. lets hope that is the end of it. And GOOD LUCK!