Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Admitted to hospital for 4 days !

I got home from hospital today and still feel just lousy !!
I was diagnosed with OHSS and a bladder infection.
I know many people say OHSS is a good indicator of a bfp, but this is usually associated with late onset OHSS, usually when the embryos are implanting (please correct me if im wrong), mine was early onset and started probably before EC and got worse right after it and worse again after ET.
So today im 5dp2dt. Ive had some niggles/nippy feelings down below on and off and a it crampy as well as the OHSS discomfort. I am so nauseated im home with cyclizine tablets .... obviously im putting this all down to the OHSS and infection and not symptom spotting.

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Rebecca said...

Holy crap! You're being put through the ringer...take care of yourself!!!